We are a Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute Band From Southern California Dedicated to keeping the great music of the Ronnie Van Zant era Lynyrd Skynyrd alive. Drawn together by our love for Southern Rock, we re-create for you a live show circa 1975-1977 as close as possible to the original complete with the look, smells, and sounds of a Skynyrd concert.
You'll hear the distinctive guitar tones, and amazing solos that made the band famous. Wonderful piano melodies, backing female vocals, along with a tight rhythm section that holds it all together. You'll hear all the songs as the original band played them climaxing with a rousing rendition of Free Bird.

"If you are a fan of Lynyrd Skynyrd or Southern Rock you must see this band"
Victor Delgado UltimateClassicRockMemories.com

"This band sounds great. The Singer sounds as close to Ronnie Van Zant as i've ever heard."
Ron Eckerman Plane crash survivor & Lynyrd Skynyrd Road Manager 1975 - 1977

"They are regarded as Southern California's premier Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute group"
Gary James ClassicBands.com



Skynyrd Reloaded uses Hats by Texas Hatters


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